Students reap bumper crops

Students Anwar Magnusson, Josh Pederson and Olivia Mioch enjoy the fruits of their labour in the hydroponics hot house at Community College Gippsland.Horticulture students at Community College Gippsland are enjoying a bumper crop of vegetables and herbs in the hydroponics hot house at the Warragul Campus.

It’s been a bumper season for the students who have successfully grown hydroponic tomatoes, lettuces, cauliflower, bokchoy and more in the state of the art facility.
Community College Gippsland, Rural Studies Trainer, Max Norman, said the hot house looked magnificent with row upon row of lush greens.

“Our tomatoes have been particularly good ripening early this season so the students have seen the fruits of their labour before they complete their studies for this year.”

“The students have been involved from initial propagation, to growing, and harvesting. Crops are then sold on campus to staff and students for a gold coin donation or offered to not-for-profit organisations.”
CCG Horticulture students, Josh Pedersen and Anwar Magnusson said it was fantastic to work in the hydroponics hot house and learn skills that are directly applicable to industry.

“We get to choose our own plants and raise them from seed right through to maturity and learn about growing techniques using hydroponics technology as well as conventional outdoor planting,” said Anwar.
Olivia Mioch said there was a sense of pride in being able to grow a crop from a seedling through to harvest. A lot of patience and love goes into it. For someone like me who wants a career in the horticulture and conservation and land management field this has been a wonderful learning experience.”

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